How you can support Nurturing Uganda:


You have always wanted to be a godmother or a godfather? Through our sponsorship project you can enable a child to attend school and therefore get a chance for a better future. Through personal letters and photos you can also get to know “your” child personally. More information about our sponsorship project can be found here.


To give children a good and well-grounded education is important to you? In this case you can support us to build a new school building in the village “Buzika” with the help of our project “Schüler helfen Schülern” (“students help students”). Doing so, you and your students can contribute financially to building a new school building on the one hand. On the other hand, your students will benefit from getting to know another culture, broaden their horizons and discover, how much joy it can be to help other people. More information can be found here.


You want to support a woman to become independent, start an employment and be able to provide for their families? Then you can help us with a credit of 70€, which goes directly to the women. The women are supported by Nurturing Uganda with trainings, consulting courses and supervision. More information can be found here.


You love wearing jewellery or like it, to give a present to a friend? How about necklaces, handbags, earrings and bracelets made by women from Uganda? We invite you to come for a visit and convince yourself about the beautiful products! More information can be found here.


You want to support Nurturing Uganda with a general donation, which can be utilized by us where it is needed the most? We assure you, that each donated euro goes to Uganda! Bank account data can be found under Contact.