Elisabeth Leitner

Chairperson Nurturing Uganda Austria,
Acting director

As chairperson of Nurturing Uganda in Austria, Elisabeth is responsible for coordinating all fundraising activities. Besides she regularly visits the different projects in Uganda and coordinates them together with the ugandan staffmembers.

Juliannah Nansimbe

Social worker,
Sponsorship coordinator

Juliannah deals with everything concerning sponsorships. Moreover, she looks after the children and their famiies and tries to help them in every way she can.

Elisabeth Leitner was born in 1990 in Altenfelden, a small village in the north of Austria. After finishing high school, she decided to move to Uganda for 10 months.

In the beginning of her stay, she did a discipleship-training-school with the organisation YWAM – Youth with a mission. After that she started volunteering in the children’s home “Village of Hope” where she worked which children aged 3 to 16 who were all orphans or vulnerable children from the surrounding slum areas.

During that time she also got to know some Ugandans around Wairaka who had a heart for the needs of the community. After her return to Austria she was invited by different people to share her experiences in Uganda. Some people were willing to support her work in Eastern Africa and asked for ways to do so. In order to support children and communities in Uganda, together with some people from Wairaka, Elisabeth founded “Nurturing Uganda”.

My name is Juliana Nansimbe and I am 26years old. I grew up like any ordinary Ugandan girl; we didn’t have pretty much at home. Going to school was quite hard sometimes, but I managed to go through it and attained a diploma in social development and a certificate in computer studies.
Before I joined Nurturing Uganda I was volunteering in wanyange community development association (WACODA) an affiliate of child fund international. Since 2010 I was working with children and I handled issues like child labour, domestic violence, child abuse, home visits, and the high rate of school dropouts among the girls in wanyange community.
I joined NU mid 2013, i work directly with children, profiling, registering and reporting on their welfare. I sometimes also help Agnes with the women empowerment programs in regards to visitation and analyzing the women before a loan is given to them. I love working at NU because it’s like a big family where experiences are shared. And I hope to add expertise and value to the whole vision of NU so that it will emerge as a leading organization in community development.

David Oketch

Credit officer

David is leading all activities related to our women-microloan-project. With a good mixture of toughness, humor and sensitivity, he is helping the women form the surrounding village to live a self-sustained life.

Julia Sieberer

Secretary of Nurturing Uganda Austria,
Microloans Coordinator Austria

Besides being our secretary, Julia is the right peron to contact if you have any questions concerning our microloans-project.

Julia Sieberer was born 1992 in Innsbruck (Austria). After her graduation of highschool in 2010 she decided to go to Tansania for 4 months in order to get to know Africa and ist inhabitants.
There she was mainly teaching English and Computing for young Tansanian people. As well as Elisabeth Leitner, she also experienced the happyness and gratefulness of people, who sometimes even don’t have enough to eat.
Since this stay she feels connected to the people in Africa and is very happy, to be responsible for the field of microcredits since the summer of 2012.

I am David Oketch, aged 22 years. I am a student at Kyambogo University in my third year doing a Bachelor Degree in Economics and statistics.

I joined Nurturing Uganda in March 2014 when I was appointed by Ivan Waraba to come and help with the women economic empowerment program. Having been born and grown up in the community where Nurturing Uganda is serving, I found it interesting to come and join the team to give back to the community by helping the women in mentoring them, encouraging them to be self-reliant, training them in different financial matters to be good financial decision makers and much more.

I will give my best in serving these women to see that there is a positive change in these women life in terms of finance, self-esteem, and self-reliance.
I am grateful to the two founders of Nurturing Uganda, Ivan Waraba and Elisabeth Leitner for their great work which they are doing to change the lives of women and children. I believe that Nurturing Uganda’s vision of empowering and changing the community around us will come true.

Kordula Kohberger

Vice-chairperson and
Treasurer Nurturing Uganda Austria

Besides being the vice-chairperson and treasurer of Nurturing Uganda Austria, Kordula is also responsible for the coordination of all issues concerning sponsorships in Austria, she is the interface of the sponsors and “their” children.

Felix Hakizimana

Administrator of our School in Bugiri,
Home and Office Manager

Felix is dealing with all administrative issues concerning our school in Bugiri. Besides he is responsible for everything concerning the administration of our home and the office.

Kordula Kohberger was born 1991 in Linz (Austria). After her gruduation of highschool in 2009, she started to study economy in Vienna. After one year she decided to change her subject to doing a teaching degree for primary schools.
Her first contact with Elisabeth Leitner was in her schooldays and it also remained afterwards. Kordula Kohberger is supporting Nurturing Uganda since summer 2012 with the organisation and assistance of the sponsorships.

My name is HAKIZIMANA FELIX. I am 30 years old.  I have a degree in Public Administration and management. I was helped by Nurturing Uganda to finish my studies. From June 2015 I am working with NURTURING UGANDA as an Administrator, and my work is among others to monitor, supervise and plan for The Organization’s School, which is in Bugiri, plan for Nurturing Uganda and responsible for the welfare of the children and the staff. I love Nurturing Uganda so much, and I like the work I am doing. I love Children and I want to work so hard and see that the Organization’s Objectives are attained.