Students help students

You are a teacher or parent and would like your children to help other children in a creative way whilst also learning about a different culture? This is what we can offer you.

Since December 2012 we (Nurturing Uganda) are running the Buguri Hope Junior Academy, a pre- and primary school in Buzika, located in the state of Buguri. Buzika is located far from any other civilization. There are no public schools in close distance which would be available per foot and boarding school is only affordable for very few children. The private school, which has been in Buzika before, went bankrupt in autumn 2012. (Further information about the school system of Uganda can be found here).

Therefore several parents approached us with the request to take over the school and thus continue to offer education to their children. Since the beginning of 2013 we are running the school, together with a new headmaster and new teaching staff. During our visits in the summers of 2013, 2014 and 2015 we were able to see the improvement of the school. The teaching staff is highly motivated and the children are offered the opportunity to develop socially and creatively.

The motto of the school is „Raising Leaders to change communities“. We want to educate the children to become strong and responsible individuals who find their position in their society as well as in the world according to their potentials.

Your help is required:

Since the old schoolbuilding was way too small with its 40m² for over 190 children, we decided to build a new, more appropriate building that meets the needs of the community.

To fulfill this project, we depend on your help. With the project “Students help Students” we aim to work together with numerous schools, which also enables students to profit from this project. In fact, they will get to know foreign African cultures, broaden their horizons and learn, that even a small financial aid can make a huge change.

We have already collaborated with schools in the past and the results have been incredible. The different options how to help us are:

  • to offer buffets at parents evenings or other school events
  • “Laufen für einen guten Zweck” (jogging for a good cause)
  • to have a beneficial evening or concert
  • to sell DIY creations at a Christmas market
  • and many more.

We would be please if you are interested in our project. Please contact us under: Contact
Thank you 🙂