Nurturing Uganda

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Uganda is located in eastern Africa and is often referred to as the “pearl of Africa” for its unusually abundant vegetation.

Uganda has a population of approximately 37 million. There are 2.5million orphans, most of whom lost their parents to AIDS or in the cruel 20 years long civil war. Many more children lost one parent or are highly vulnerable. The average age is only 15 years. (UN report 2010)

Because of this situation a ugandan teacher, who grew up seeing poverty all around him and even experiencing it himself and Elisabeth Leitner, a student from Austria, decided to found Nurturing Uganda. The organisation is situated in Wairaka, near Jinja, a town in the southwest of Uganda, right by Lake Victoria.

What does Nurturing Uganda do?

In this area there are many slums which are the home of many vulnerable children. Overall there is great need in the local community.

Most of the children are caught in the cycle of poverty . Education is one of the ways out of  poverty and ignorance and this is why  Nurturing Uganda was founded.

We at Nurturing Uganda would like to see a community that is self reliant and where the people themselves can meet their needs. This can be done by supporting the children through education and health care and also by teaching the local community skills that can raise an income so that they can provide for themselves and their families.