Nurturing Uganda

Nurturing Uganda is a ugandan community based organisation  was born in partnership with the people of Wairaka who saw a need to empower their community to become self sustainable. Through different projects we want to support people in Jinja and the surrounding villages to discover and use their potential, so that they become self-reliant and do not depend on foreign aid anymore.

Students help Students

Looking for a charity project that you can do with your classmates or with your school? Help us to raise money so that we can continue rennovating our school in a small ugandan village and add new buildings. Not only are we very thankful for help, it can also be a very exciting and informative experience for children and teenagers to get to know a new culture.

NU-Documentation 2012

If you are interested in the work Nurturing Uganda is doing, you will for sure like watching this video. It is full of motions, sounds and stories from Uganda and talks about all the projects we have. So enjoy watching it =)

By now not all the numbers are accurate anymore and we have added some more projects but it still gives you a good idea about Nurturing Uganda’s work.