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The Ugandan system of education

The Ugandan system of education is similar to the one in Great Britain and consists of:

  • 3 years of Pre – School,
  • 7 years of Primary – School and
  • 6 years of Secondary – School

Education is the key element for anyone who wants to improve their situation and to move towards a better future. In Uganda there are many, many people competing for a limited number of good jobs and without a decent education there is very little chance of ever getting one. However, getting that education in the first place is a huge challenge.

During his time in office, Museveni, the Ugandan President since 1986, has been keen to promote free primary education for all. While this may be a noble goal in theory, the reality is somewhat different. Despite these ideologies, Uganda has very few free public schools and those that do exist are hugely oversubscribed.

It is not uncommon for classes to have well over one hundred students with very little in the way of facilities. The teachers are many times unmotivated and over-worked. This means that for most of the population, especially those who want a good education, the only real option is a private school.

In Uganda, private schools vary enormously in fees and quality, and sadly, many of the large families do not have the money to send their kids to these schools.The average income in Uganda is below 50$ per month The monthly school fees vary from 15.000 (6$) in primary school to 150.000 (60$) in secondary school.

This means that many children cannot go to school unless their parents or their relatives can make enough money to afford sending them to school. Matters are made worse by the fact that there are many extra school requirements to pay for on top of fees.

It is a seemingly impossible task for many children and their families to fund an education and a lot of children only manage to pay part of their fees. This is a common occurrence, and no matter how hard a child has worked at school, if they can’t pay their fees in full they are not given their school reports or exam certificates. Their whole year of learning will be worthless. Consequently, many children end up changing schools every term, building up debts wherever they go as they simply can’t afford to pay them.

Access to Education

Nurturing Uganda enables more than 120 kids from vulnerable families to have access to education.

The children are still taken care of by their families – Nurturing Uganda is not running an orphanage!

We are just supporting those kids in educuation and other life skills.

That is possible because people from Europe started sponsoring those kids and provide their monthly school fees.

As mentioned before, the kids need, depending on age and school, from 10$ to 50$ per month.

This monthly support goes straight to the schools and the kids can attend school without worrying about fees.

Many parents and grandparents told us how much they fought for the education of their kids in the past but failed because of finances. Now they are so thankful for all the help their kids get, they now have hope for their families.

Besides we want to give our sponsored kids the chance to get a vocational training to teach them skills like tailoring, carpentry, fine art, gardening etc. the idea behind this is to awaken a desire in the children to see their community come out of poverty using the available resources, even if they might not get a job immediately after finishing school.

Furthermore it is very important to us that the children who are being sponsored don’t just receive help but know that they can be a great support to others and a gift to the community as well.

That is why many of our students regularly visit orphanages and other organisation where they help with caring for the kids, cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry.

We are convinced that our children have great potential to be future leaders and we want them to grow into responsible people who are equipped to positively influence their communities and take part in strengthening Uganda as a country.

Your help is needed:

If you are interested in helping a child, we would be delighted to send you more information. A child needs, as already mentioned before, between 10$ and 60$ a month. If you agree on sponsoring a child you will frequently get letters from ‘your’ child and also its reports from school.
(please contact us through our contact form).

Information provided i.a. by http://www.salveinternational.org/