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Since April 2012 Nurturing Uganda is running a microfinancing project for women from the neighbourhood of its field of action.

Mary and Agnes, two young women from Uganda, who have a lot of experience in running microfinancing-projects, were supervising the project on site during the first two years.
Now David Oketch, a young passionate ugandan student is overseeing our microfinancing projects.

Our vision is to empower communities in Uganda to be self sustainable and to promote a self sustainable community through economically empoweing women by giving them a small loan support.

Our aim is to support the women in different aspects like:
(a) capital formation,
(b) capacity building
(c) organizing for collective strength for the women and
(d) Social security
in order to truly create a community that is self-sustained.

Course of action

The project is designed in particular to help women with children, who are either widowed, been abandoned by their husband or who haven’t got enough financial means to provide their families. In fact, about 90% of these women have never had their own income.

After having participated in an informational meeting, which aim is to make interested women more familiar with the project, they can decide whether they want to be part of the project.

This initiative step is followed by group-seminars, which are held once a week for a duration of about 2 months. In these seminars, women learn how to manage and handle money. Business ideas are drawn up by the women themselves and are discussed with the two responsible persons, Mary and Agnes.

Whenever a business idea is ready, a credit in the amount of 200.000 UGS (about 60€) is given out to the woman. The interest of the credit is 1% and has to be paid back within 5 months.

During these 5 months weekly meetings take place, where the women discuss their achievements and problems with the group.
Within these meetings the women also pay back the weekly instalments of 14.000 UGS (about 4,50€). In the event that a woman is able to pay back more than these 14.000 UGS, this amount will be saved for a week with lower income.
With the money, which is paid back, credits can be given to new women.

We made positive experiences with our first groups. Business was successful and the women pay back or have already paid back the credit.

Moreover, many women reported to us, that – for the first time in their life – they were able to provide for their family.

One example of those women is Negesa Sesilaya:

NegesaBorn in 1959, Nekesa Sesiliya got married at the age of 24 to her late husband. Together they started a home and gave birth to 7 children. Together with her husband they started working hard in order to provide for their children. Not having gone school due to lack of school fees, Nekesa had to work on people’s farms and gardens with the husband in order to provide for the family.
However in around 1989 Negesa lost 2 of her sons and 2 years later her husband past away too. Running ahome as single women with five children was not easy.

In 2000 She moved to Wairaka where Nurturing Uganda is operating.
In Wairaka Negesa started again moving around farms and digging for people. It’s through this that she met a lady who told her about nurturing Uganda and its loans program. She picked interest and decided to join in 2012. She slowly started saving with nurturing Uganda until when she got her first loan of 200000 Uganda shilling. Some members really undermined her and they always side she couldn’t make it but she proved them wrong when among all the members she paid off her loan first in a period on 2 months.
She got the loan and part of her saving to buy a cow the gave birth 2 months later. It started producing milk 8 liters a day . She sold could sell 7 liters and the rest was for her. Each day she could get 5000 from the milk and whole week was 35000.She could save 5000, 15000 for home used and the rest to pay back the loan.
For her being a good member she managed to get a reward from the management. Immediately she got the second loan and used this to buy animal feeds so that to improve on the milk production. She now has two cows built a house which she will soon complete and to life has really changed.

Your help is needed:

Our future goal is to increase the number of women, who are supported by our project to improve their business or to start a new business.

If you want to support our project and help poor women in need, you are offered the chance to do that by donating the one-off amount of 70€ to our organisation.

This amount will be given to a woman in need in terms of a credit with the goal of supporting her business.
In order to inform you which specific woman you are supporting, you will receive a letter of the woman who was lucky to get your donation. You will also be informed about the exact business idea you are supporting and its development.

After the woman has paid back the credit, you will either receive 60€ back or you can also choose to forward this amount to another woman in need. The other 10€ are being used to pay Mary and Agnes our two microfinancing staff members in Uganda.

For more detailed information contact us through our contact form.

To read about our accomplishments in 2015 download our annual report: 2015 annual report microloans