A group of women from Uganda earn their living by producing necklaces, bracelets and earrings out of wastepaper, which are then sold in Austria.

Nurturing Uganda is a member of UGAFAT (uganda federation for alternative trade) an association for fairtrade organisations in Uganda. This membership assures, that all necklaces and other crafts are produced by the principles of fairtrade.

UGAFAT offers a variety of programmes like a Market Access program, Livelihood improvements for fair trade producers in Uganda and WIEGO (Women in informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing)

As a bid to support our women Nurturing Uganda was registered as an affiliate member of Ugafat, through which we have been able to promote the women doing crafts, did capacity building through trainings and workshop, putting special attention to human rights and much more.

Since the WIEGO programme has a global research policy network seeking to improve the status of the working poor women in the informal economy, it has helped our women to know more about their working rights, health insurance and organizing for collective strength as women.

The women use old magazines and calendars and cut them into triangular pieces.

With the help of a needle the triangles are formed to beads and glued at the end. The beads are stringed and vanished with a colourless wood vanish.

Afterwards the women let them dry for an hour and then repeat the whole process up to five times. In the end the women let the necklaces dry for three days.

Finally the beads are stringed on a fine nylon thread with small plastic or glass beads in between.

More products

The women also produce necklaces out of seeds as well as bags, baskets and wallets.

The money earned from selling the products returns 100% to Uganda so the women can provide for their families.

Although we sell those necklaces mainly in Austria we can send them to any other country as well (see contact form)